Safe lying position in the car


Perfectly fitted for the child


Comfort and full passenger protection


Convenient solution for travel


Maximum safety in the car

Kiddy car seats

With the safety of young passengers in mind, we design solutions that for over 50 years have been setting development directions for the industry, and creating the highest standards for the protection of children in cars.

We combine expertise and innovation in systems such as Kiddy Shock Absorber, Lie Flat, K-Fix+ and the Honey Comb 2 technology. By taking advantage of the knowledge and practice of our engineers, we apply the latest advanced techniques and avant-garde design.

More than just quality

More than just quality
We have one simple goal – we want to create car seats that are synonymous with safety, reliability and functionality!

German precision, attention to the smallest detail, and sturdy design. These are things we’re famous for and the presence of which in Kiddy’s car seats makes them the best solutions on the market and products that meet the expectations of modern, dynamic families.

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prestigious awards · the highest standards

German quality
Unique design
50 years of experience
That’s Kiddy!

Respecting the past, we think about the future

Our success contributes to continuous, uncompromising development.

We both follow and create trends.
We’re not afraid of innovation and futuristic technologies. At the same time, we recognise the value of simple, proven patents. We’re inspired by tasteful, avant-garde design, but we also love the beauty of classic form.


We care about your child’s well-being

We collaborate with the automotive industry and independent international institutions. We receive prestigious certificates and carry out thorough research analyses. This is all done to create the most-optimal and quality systems in the area of protecting children when they’re travelling.

Our car seats ensure that your child is always safe, and you have a comfortable and multi-functional car seat that’ll last you for many years!