Safe lying position in the car


Perfectly fitted for the child


Comfort and full passenger protection


Convenient solution for travel


Maximum safety in the car


Car seat 45-83 cm with innovative Lie-Flat system

Lie-flat position, which is better for your child

Protected by a patent and setting new comfort standards for travel, the Kiddy Lie-Flat technology allows your little one to adopt the lie-flat position, which is better for their spine. This solution – created especially for newborns and premature babies – prevents the head from dropping and guarantees adequate oxygenation. In the Evolution Pro 2 car seat, the lie-flat position can be used outside of the car as well.

Die widerstandsfähige Schale des Kiddy Evolution Pro 2 Autositzes
EPO foam
A shell that absorbs the force of impact
Ribbed frame

Maximum safety for your child

The strong and durable car seat shell and the innovative materials used in production absorb the force of a potential impact before it reaches your youngster’s sensitive body parts. The car seat ensures the highest level of safety for your little one at the moment of impact.

Innovative ribbed frame

Designed to absorb shocks when in a car, as well as protect your child’s delicate spine in the event of a collision (the frame absorbs the force of impact). In addition, this solution offers adequate air flow, which improves comfort when travelling.

Hochmodernes Gestell für den Sitz KIDDY EVOLUNA I-SIZE 2
Eliminates shocks
Absorbs energy
Ensures air flow
EVOLUTION PRO2 kann mit Base2 Isofix oder Sicherheitsgurten installiert werden
using the car’s seat belts
using Isofix Base 2

Two installation options

Evolution Pro 2 offers a choice of installation methods. The product can be installed either using Kiddy Isofix Base 2 or the car’s seat belts. If you choose the latter option, please use the special guides, which guarantee correct installation of the car seat.

Wenn der EVOLUTION PRO2-Sitz auf das Gestell des Kinderwagens montiert wird, ist er eine Alternative zur Babytragetasche

A good alternative to a carrycot

The car seat stands out thanks to its Lie-Flat function, which means that when it’s affixed to the Evolution Pro 2 frame, it becomes a great alternative to a carrycot. The Travel System can be created with pushchairs from dozens of different brands.

Zuverlässiger Schutz vor der Sonne - der Kiddy EVOLUTION PRO 2 Autositz hat ein tiefes Sonnendach mit UPF80+

Effective sun protection

The car seat features a deep, adjustable sun shade made of UF80+ material to protect your child against excessive sun and other weather conditions.

In fünf Positionen verstellbare 3-Punkt-Sicherheitsgurte

Safety harness

Your child’s comfort and protection when riding in a car are also ensured by the internal three-point safety harness, which can be adjusted to five positions using just one hand. It also features soft pads to protect your youngster’s delicate skin.

Perfect for travelling

Kiddy Evolution Pro 2 can be installed on planes – the car seat holds the TÜV certificate.

Mężczyzna w aucie Kiddy Evolution Pro 2
Car seat dimensions

Technical specifications

Approximate weight of child
0-13 kg
Approximate age of child
0-15 months
Safety harness adjustment
Adjustable width
Backrest adjustment
Yes (to the lie-flat position)
Installation method
Rearward facing (RWF)
Installation type
Using the car’s seat belts, or if purchasing Kiddy Isofix Base 2, using the base
Rearward installation
Yes (from 0 kg to 13 kg)
58 cm
47 cm
68 cm
Internal backrest dimensions
20 x 41 cm (width x height to cushion)
Internal seat dimensions
26 x 34 cm (width x depth)
Lie-flat position
79 x 39 cm (length x height)
Isofix Base 2 dimensions
Height: 18 cm
Width: 32 cm
Depth: 67 cm
Number of positions
Horizontally: 10 positions
Vertically: 17 positions
Other dimensions of the car seat
Length of backrest: 49 cm
Seat length: 33 cm
Width at shoulders: 20 cm
Width at hips: 26 cm
Angles in the car seat
108° (sitting position)
130° (lie-flat position)
Total: 10.9 kg
Car seat: 4.9 kg
Isofix Base 2: 6.0 kg
ADAC rating
Good (1.9)
ÖAMTC rating
i-Size approval
Padding removable for washing
Correct installation indicator
Yes (on the base)
UPF80+ protection

Instruction manual

Watch our instructional video and learn how to correctly install the Kiddy Evolution Pro 2 car seat and what its main functions are.

Instruction manual (PDF)

Comprehensive support

Replacement of car seat with a new one

The safety of young passengers is Kiddy’s top priority, and that’s why when deciding to buy our product, you automatically join the Safe Car Seat Program and receive the option of free replacement of a car seat that has been involved in a car crash with a new one.

Replace the car seat with a new one

Longer warranty

Meeting the needs and expectations of our customers, we offer an extended warranty option, which covers 10 years and entitles you to free replacement or repair of a damaged part of the car seat.

Extend warranty

You can buy Kiddy products from our partners

The Kiddy Evolution Pro 2 car seat has been created for children up to 15 months or weighing 13 kg. It maximally increases your child’s safety in a car. It holds ECE R44/04 approval and meets stringent safety standards, as confirmed by, among others, a good rating in ADAC crash tests (1.9). The car seat – also designed as an infant carrier – is installed in the rearward facing (RWF) position, and you optionally use Kiddy Isofix Base 2 or the car’s seat belts for installation. Your youngster is protected thanks to the ultra-modern ribbed frame as well as the resistant structure of the seat and side protection, which absorbs the force of impact and shocks in the event of a collision. The three-point safety harness can be easily tailored to your little passengers height, and the soft shoulder pads improve travel comfort. Correct installation of the car seat is confirmed when all visual indicators are green.

However, Kiddy Evolution Pro 2 isn’t just a car seat. The product is also ideal as an infant carrier, and when affixed to a pushchair frame using adapters, it’s a great alternative to a classic pushchair. Using it in this option has many practical benefits – the sun shade and the Lie-Flat system, which allows you to recline the car seat to the lie-flat position and is very important in terms of your child’s health and comfort.