Evolution Pro 2 car seat

0-13 kg

Kiddy Evolution Pro 2 is an ISOFIX-based car seat for the 0-13 kg group (ECE group: 0+), which was designed and created with the safety and comfort of the youngest children in mind.

It can also be used as a baby carrier that can be easily attached to the frame of the pushchair with the help of adapters. Thanks to modern technology the car seat can be folded out (as a baby carrier) to a lie-flat position to ensure the best position for a delicate spine of the child. The included universal adapters make the Kiddy Evolution Pro 2 a practical travel system together with the pushchair frame. Suitable for over 50 top pushchair brands! It will be a comfortable alternative to a carrycot or a baby carrier.

Evolution Pro 2 is a combination of maximum comfort and safety. This car seat was awarded a "good" grade (GUT, 1.9) in the prestigious Stiftung Warentest and ADAC rankings, as well as "recommended" by TCS (Swiss Touring Club) and "good" by ÖAMTC.

Thanks to an energy-absorbing layer and additional side impact protection, Evolution Pro 2 absorbs the force of an impact before it reaches the child's sensitive body parts.

Thanks to many years of work of German engineers, Evolution Pro 2 is an unusual seat, which is also distinguished by its internal dimensions, harness adjustment and an insert for the youngest - they allow individual adjustment to the size of the child, making the seat also suitable for taller children.

The seat has been developed on the basis of years of research and experience of midwives and paediatricians - the lie-flat position is safer for newborns and their spines, especially while walking with a baby in a carrier. In addition, a special ribbed frame absorbs shocks while travelling in a car on uneven terrain, protecting the child's delicate spine.

Evolution Pro 2 with the fold-out function to the lie-flat position

Folding out to a lie-flat position

Evolution Pro 2 has a special feature that allows it to be folded out into a lie-flat position (when used as a baby carrier or on a pushchair frame). With this feature, Evolution Pro 2 offers a whole new level of comfort during walks and naps. All you need to do is press two buttons and then tilt the handle, which is used to carry the car seat - the carrier will fold-out to the lie-flat position.

The innovative ribbed frame absorbs shocks while using the pushchair on an uneven surface, which protects the child's sensitive spine. It absorbs large amounts of energy that is generated during sudden braking or a collision. It reduces the force acting on the baby before it can reach the baby's sensitive body parts.

Evolution Pro 2 was developed by the Kiddy engineers who created the car seat based on the recommendations of paediatricians and midwives. In their opinion, the lie-flat position is safer for newborns and their spines - especially during long walks with a baby in a carrier.

An alternative to the carrycots in pushchairs

Thanks to the possibility to fold out the car seat into a lie-flat position, Evolution Pro 2 can be attached to the frame of the pushchair (using dedicated, matching adapters - they are suitable for around 50 top pushchair brands models!) Thanks to the dimensions and ease of carrying the car seat is willingly used as a carrycot or a baby carrier. Together with the attached adapters, it creates a comfortable travel system. If the baby falls asleep in the car, you just have to carefully remove the car seat and attach it to the frame of the pushchair - without waking up the child!

Maximum side impact protection

There is an integrated layer inside the cover of the seat which provides maximum protection in the event of side impact. In addition, the side walls additionally absorb the force of an impact before it can reach the sensitive parts of the child's body.

One-click system - ISOFIX easy installation

You can buy the Kiddy Isofix Base 2 matching the car seat (without the base, the seat is mounted with the help of the car seat belts), on which the seat is mounted. The base can be easily installed in the car with one click. Additionally, the base is equipped with green indicators of correct installation. The risk of incorrect installation of the car seat is kept to a minimum. The innovative mechanism of the base allows for a better and more accurate adjustment of the base to the car rear seat and passenger's seat.

Installation in an airplane - TÜV certificate

Evolution Pro 2 has a TÜV certificate, which confirms that the seat can be installed in airplanes.

UPF 80+ sun hood

The Evolution Pro 2 car seat has a large, adjustable UPF 80+ sun hood which provides excellent protection against the sun. Even a longer journey during sunny days will be very comfortable for the child - just put up a hood and the sun will not hurt your child's eyes.

First-class materials

The car seat upholstery is made of high-quality materials. The materials used and the structure of the car seat ensure adequate ventilation, ensuring air flow even on hot days. Evolution Pro 2 car seats are also distinguished by modern design - thanks to this, this model looks great in every car. The Evolution car seat is easy to keep clean - just take the upholstery off and wash it.

Why choose KIDDY?

Kiddy car seats have been created based on over 50 years of experience of German engineers in designing safe solutions for car seats in cooperation with the automotive industry.

They regularly feature in the highest-rated safety rankings in the world, including ADAC, Stiftung Warentest and ÖAMTC. When choosing Kiddy, you're choosing technology of the future and the highest safety standards.


Car seat height with a raised handle:

  • 60 cm (sitting position)

Car seat height with a handle down:

  • 39 cm (lie-flat position)

Width: 44 cm


  • 68 cm (sitting position)
  • 79 cm (lie-flat position)

Isofix Base 2 - dimensions:

  • Height 18 cm
  • Width 31 cm
  • Depth 68 cm

Other dimensions of the car seat:

  • Back length 49 cm
  • Seat length 33 cm
  • Shoulder width 20 cm
  • Hip width 26 cm

Car seat angles:

  • 108° (sitting position)
  • 130° (lie-flat position)

Weight: 10,9kg
Car seat: 4.9 kg
Isofix Base 2: 6.0 kg

The hood has a UPF80+ filter

Standard: ECE-R44/04 (universal/semi-universal) CCC (China)

Weight group: 0-13 kg
Mounting method: with the help of the car seat belts or when the ISOFIX base 2 available - onto the base
Adjustable harness’ height: Yes
Width adjustment: No
Mounting method: Rearward facing (RWF)
Rearward mounting (from-to): Yes (0-13 kg)
i-Size standard No
ADAC assessment GUT (1.9)
ÖAMTC assessment GUT
Backrest adjustment Yes (folding out to a lie-flat position)
Removable upholstery for washing: Yes
Correct assembly indicators: Yes
Approximate age of the child: 0-15 months