Evoluna i-Size 2 car seat

45-83 cm


Evoluna i-Size 2 is an RWF car seat on a base for children with a height of 45-83 cm, which was designed with the safety and comfort of the youngest children in mind.

The i-Size car seat is one of the few car seats that can be reclined in the car and outside the car thanks to Kiddy Lie-Flat technology patented by Kiddy - this is the safest position for a newborn's delicate spine. It is the successor to the Evoluna i-Size car seat, the first ever ADAC seat to achieve a 5 * in overall rating.

The seat provides maximum comfort and safety. In addition, the seat shell is made of special materials that absorb the energy of an impact - they dampen vibrations and ensure adequate air circulation. Evoluna i-Size 2 absorbs the force of an impact before it reaches sensitive parts of the child's body.

The seat is equipped with additional energy-absorbing elements that act as a crumple zone in the car. As a result, Evoluna absorbs energy, and the mentioned structure reduces the distance between the seat and the car door. Thus, the seat movement in the event of a side impact is shorter and the forces acting on the child are reduced.

Thanks to the possibility to fully fold-out the car seat in the car, Evoluna i-Size 2 set new standards in the RWF car seat category. It is not only a new level of comfort among this group of car seats - it is also setting up new limits for global safety and comfort of use. Evoluna i-Size 2 is one of the few car seats to have scored 1.5 (very good) in the ADAC ranking.

Thanks to many years of work by German engineers, Evoluna i-Size 2 is an extraordinary car seat that is exceptional due to the possibility of unfolding it to a lie-flat position. The included infant insert allows even better adjustment to the size of the child, thanks to which the seat is willingly used as a comfortable alternative to carrycots in pushchairs, creating a comfortable and practical travel system.

Evoluna i-Size 2 is safe for premature babies and newborns. The recline function was developed by Kiddy engineers based on recommendations from paediatricians and midwives who say that the recline position is safer for newborns and their spines - especially during long car journeys. Due to the structure of their bodies, small children should travel in a lie-flat position: then their loins and pelvis are not loaded and their head does not rest on their chest.

Evoluna i-Size 2 - i-Size infant car seat with recline function in the car

Safe for newborns and premature babies

The technology of folding out the car seat into a lie-flat position has been tested and patented by the KIDDY engineers. It was developed to meet the needs of newborns and premature babies - so young children do not have fully developed neck muscles, yet. There is a danger that the baby's head may easily tilt forward while it is asleep while travelling by car, potentially causing hypoxia. Folding the seat flat minimizes this risk. The lie-flat position is recommended by paediatricians and midwives, especially in the case of longer journeys (the lie-flat position is better for the developing spine of the child).

An alternative to the carrycots in pushchairs

Evoluna i-Size 2 can be attached to the frame of a pushchair (it has a special slot for adapters). Thanks to the possibility to fold out the car seat into a lie-flat position, it is a good alternative to the carrycots. The handle for the parent, which is contoured and provides a secure grip, makes it easy to move and use as a carrier.

Maximum side impact protection

The side walls, made of foamed polyolefins, additionally absorb the impact force before it reaches the sensitive parts of the child's body. EVOLUNA i-Size has additional side protection on the outside and additional layers of soft foam inside the side guards.

One-click system - ISOFIX easy installation

Evoluna i-Size is mounted on the modern Kiddy Isofix Base 2. The base can be easily and quickly installed in the car - with just one push! Additionally, the base is equipped with green indicators of correct installation. The risk of incorrect installation of the car seat is kept to a minimum. The innovative mechanism of the base allows for a better and more accurate adjustment of the base to the car rear seat and passenger's seat.

UPF80+ sun hood

The seat is equipped with a large, adjustable UPF80+ sun hood. Thanks to it, travelling with a baby during sunny days will still be comfortable, and the sun rays will not disturb the baby's nap.

First-class materials

The car seat upholstery is made of the first-class materials. We used a modern ventilation system that ensures air circulation even on hot days. Evoluna i-Size 2 car seats are also distinguished by a modern design. They look great in any car, and the upholstery is easy to take off and can be machine washed at 30 degrees, without spinning.

Why choose KIDDY?

Kiddy car seats have been created based on over 50 years of experience of German engineers in designing safe solutions for car seats in cooperation with the automotive industry.

They regularly feature in the highest-rated safety rankings in the world, including ADAC, Stiftung Warentest and ÖAMTC. When choosing Kiddy, you're choosing technology of the future and the highest safety standards.


Height (with handle):

  • 59 cm (sitting position)
  • 40 cm (lie-flat position)

Width: 50 cm


  • 70 cm (sitting position)
  • 76 cm (lie-flat position)

Isofix Base 2 - dimensions:

  • Height 18 cm
  • Width 31 cm
  • Depth 68 cm

Number of ISOFIX adjustment positions:

  • horizontally 10 positions,
  • vertically 17 positions

Other dimensions of the car seat:

  • Back length: 49 cm
  • Seat length: 33 cm
  • Shoulder width: 27 cm
  • Hips width: 26 cm

Car seat angles:

  • 108° (sitting position)
  • 130° (lie-flat position)

Weight: 10.9 kg
Car seat: 4.9 kg
Isofix Base 2: 6.0 kg

The hood has a UPF80+ filter

Standard: ECE-R129 (i-Size)

Group: 45-83 cm
Mounting method: ISOFIX base 2
Adjustable headrest: Yes (5 positions), with harness height adjustment
Width adjustment: No
Mounting method: Rearward facing (RWF)
Rearward mounting (from-to): Yes (45-83 cm)
I-Size approval Yes
ADAC assessment VERY GOOD (1.5)
ÖAMTC assessment VERY GOOD
Backrest adjustment Yes (folding out to a lie-flat position)
Removable upholstery for washing: Yes
Correct assembly indicators: Yes
Approximate age of the child: 0-15 months