Cruiserfix 3 car seat

15-36 kg


Cruiserfix 3 is a car seat in the 15-36 kg group (ECE group: II/III) that's been designed to best fit your child while providing the highest degree of safety.

Cruiserfix 3 allows you to adjust individual elements to your child in three different ways:

  • height – the head restraint can be adjusted to 13 different levels,
  • width – the width of the car seat backrest can be adjusted,
  • length – it has a footrest that can be adjusted to five different levels.

Cruiserfix 3 comes with an insert for young children (from 15 kg) – it ensures comfort and increases safety for petite children. The deep seat (39-44 cm) will ensure a comfortable ride even for taller children. This car seat features the latest technology and systems developed by the brand's German engineers: Kiddy Shock Absorber, which minimises the force of impact during an accident, and the HONEY COMB 2 technology, which improves shoulder protection for the child. Cruiserfix 3 is easy to install – it features the ISOFIX system and K-Fix, which absorbs energy during a collision, protecting the child.

Cruiserfix 3 – tailored to your child

Insert for smaller children

Cruiserfix 3 comes with a special insert for young children. It increases the safety of your youngster during travel, and is comfortable even on long trips.

Comfortable extendable footrest

Children don't like travelling with their legs hanging, as it's uncomfortable. That's why Cruiserfix 3 features a deep, comfortable seat and an extendable footrest that adjusts to five positions to increase your child's comfort.

Protection during sudden braking

The patented Kiddy Shock Absorber system significantly absorbs energy during sudden braking or a collision. Thanks to its properties, it absorbs the energy of the tightening waist belt, thus protecting your little one's developing, delicate pelvis until they're four years old.

Highest-class materials

The upholstery is made of the highest class of materials. It features a modern ventilation system to ensure proper air flow even on hot days. The Cruiserfix 3 car seat stands out thanks to its modern design. The upholstery is easy to remove and can be machine washed.

Why choose KIDDY?

Kiddy car seats have been created based on over 50 years of experience of German engineers in designing safe solutions for car seats in cooperation with the automotive industry.

They regularly feature in the highest-rated safety rankings in the world, including ADAC, Stiftung Warentest and ÖAMTC. When choosing Kiddy, you're choosing technology of the future and the highest safety standards.


External car seat dimensions:

  • height: 65-85 cm,
  • width: 56-64 cm,
  • depth: 49-57 cm.

Internal car seat dimensions:

  • width at the hips: 30 cm,
  • width at the shoulders: 32-44 cm,
  • seat depth: 40-46 cm,
  • head restraint width: 21 cm,
  • head restraint height: 36-55 cm.

Weight: 7,6 kg
Conforms with standard ECE-R44/04

Weight group: 15-36 kg
Installation method: ISOFIX and car seat belts
Adjustable head restraint: Yes
Width adjustment: Yes
Installation method: Forward facing
Rearward facing (from-to): No
i-Size standard: No
ADAC assessment: GUT (1.8)
ÖAMTC assessment: GUT
Adjustable backrest: Yes (90° - 115°)
Upholstery can be removed for washing: Yes
Indicators of correct installation: Yes
Approximate age of child: 3-12 years